New Student Move-In

New Student Move-In Day will be scheduled between August 29th – September 2nd 2020

Click the links below for more information regarding YOUR move in day!

All New Students Move-in: 
August 29th 2020 – September 2nd 2020 by appointment

Shipping items to campus
before you arrive?

We recommend:

  • Ship clothes, books, non-breakable items.
  • Electronics, computers, stereos be brought with the student to minimize cost and potential damage if not packed properly.
  • Boxes be no larger than 24”x24”x24”, the size of a small end table, and weigh no more than 70 lbs.
  • TV’s, refrigerators, microwaves can be purchased locally and will be more cost effective than if packaged and shipped from home.
  • Ship via UPS to ensure tracking capability and adequate insurance coverage. BRING SHIPPING RECEIPTS WITH YOU. If boxes are lost, we can help you track them down with this information.
  • THE UPS STORE can help you package and/or ship your belongings.

To find the nearest THE UPS STORE to you, call 1-800-789-4623 or check the web at

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