Housing Cancellation Charges

This year, Residence Life Office has decided not to collect housing deposits. Instead, we have choosen to have a Cancellation policy.

ALL students who sign the housing and dining agreement on the housing portal and do NOT select a room or are looking to cancel their room before or during the academic year will be charged the following cancellation fee.

Timeline / Cancellation Fee Cancellation Reasons
  • $0
  1. Completion of degree requirements mid‐year.
  2. Notifying the Residence Life Office that they do not wish to participate in the housing selection process BEFORE being issued a Room Selection Timeslot or being assigned to a room by RLO.
  3. Withdrawal from or taking an official leave of absence from RISD mid‐semester/year (refund policy applies).
  4. Participation in a RISD approved study abroad program along with notification to Residence Life by August 1
  5. Cancellation of enrollment by newly accepted RISD students who have applied for housing and decided not to attend RISD (Note that application deposits are forfeited, but no additional fees are imposed).
  • $300
  1. Cancellation of housing application after having received a lottery timeslot, but before selecting a room.
  2. Participation in a RISD approved study abroad program with notification sent to and received by Residence Life after August 1.
  • Before June 1: $750
  • June 1 – August 1: $1000
  • August 1 – Sep 1: $1500
  • After Sept 1: 50% of remaining housing cost.
  1. Appeal to move off campus after housing is requested and a room has been assigned.
  2. Residency Waiver is granted for student to commute from home after having applied for housing.
  3. Release from the Housing Contract is granted for medical or financial reasons.
  4. A housing appeal is granted for any other reason.
Cancellation Fee Notes: Fee is based upon date appeal is received, not decision date. Appeals are not guaranteed to be granted. For any student who leaves mid‐ semester, the RISD refund schedule applies to their semester charges. Any student who is released from their contract for a study abroad program or leave of absence remains bound to the housing contract should they return to RISD before the end of the academic year. In caseswhere a student cancels their contract mid‐semester, meal plan refunds are handled per Dining Services and Student Accounts policies.

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