FALL 2020 Housing Plan FAQ’s

*Last Edited on July 8th, 2020*

  • The RISD housing plan is a de-densified plan to facilitate social distancing, with the majority of students housed in single rooms
  • Q: I am currently in a shared room, when should I expect to hear about changes?
    • A: Students currently assigned to shared spaces will be contacted by the Residence Life Office in June.  Students in triple rooms in 15 West will have the opportunity to relocate, or remain in the room with one other roommate.  Students who relocate will be moved to a single room as space allows.
  • Q: I am an incoming new student, when will I receive my housing information?
    • A: New and transfer students will receive their housing placements in August.  Some first year and transfer students will be assigned to rooms previously assigned to returning students and will be relocated once returning students have been reassigned to expansion rooms and their previous rooms are made available.
  • Q: I prefer to be in a shared room, can I be assigned with a roommate?
    • A: Some students will be assigned with roommates in rooms that allow sufficient social distancing.  These students and their roommates will quarantine separately.  Other students will be assigned to shared rooms alone initially, but may receive a roommate later in the year if circumstances allow. 
  • Students will quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, with the second week of quarantine including remote academic instruction. *More details to be provided*
  • Rooms that are shared spaces are large enough to allow for social distancing.
    • Q: What is considered to be a “shared space,” and how is it de-densified?
      A: Shared spaces are the rooms on campus where two or more students reside in the same bedroom (such as doubles or triples). In our de-densification effort, many triple or quad spaces may become doubles.
  • How does this impact RAIRs? What does RAIR training look like?
    • Will be asked to arrive 1 week earlier than training begins. If RAIRs cannot do this, they must arrive no later than August 23. This will ensure RAIRs will finish quarantine before students move back on campus. Training will be a mix of online/do on your own, and live Zoom training meetings. 
  • 4 students maximum will share bathroom fixtures.
  • Q: How will I know which bathroom I can use?
  • A: Restrooms shared by multiple rooms will be labeled with which room numbers are designated to use the restroom.  In the case of communal restrooms (North Hall and Nickerson Hall), one particular stall, one particular shower, and one particular sink will be labeled for specific rooms to use.
  • Some student lounges will be converted to workrooms with a sign-up schedule and formal workrooms will similarly be scheduled and de-densified
  • Q: How will I get access to workroom space?
    A: At this time, a specific plan for signing up for workroom time has not been established and many options are being considered. More information will be forthcoming.
  • RAs will be trained in public health guidelines related to healthy behavior, hygiene, and social distancing.  AIRs (Advocates for in Inclusion in Residence) will generate programming to educate the student community on health disparities and cultural differences in approaches to health and wellness
  • New conduct policies will prescribe rules around use of public safety, social gatherings, and visitation
  • There will be intentional outreach to off-campus residents to educate them on new policies and city ordinances as they relate to public health.
  • Students will be contacted by Residence Life directly to move their rooms if their existing assignment will not meet social distancing requirements.
  • Housing plans will take into consideration mid-year arrivals.

Additional Housing FAQs

Q: What does the de-densifying plan look like for students who already have Fall bookings?

A: Students in apartment singles housing will be able to remain in their rooms if they wish to do so.  Students will also have the opportunity to move to the expanded leased housing that RISD is expanding into if they prefer.

Q: Will students be able to cancel their housing contracts? 

A: Junior, Senior, and Graduate students who no longer wish to live on-campus will be given the opportunity to cancel their contract without penalty only if requested prior to July 15th. Sophomore students may also appeal their housing contract and decisions will be made on a rolling basis through the summer. Sophomore appeals will be reviewed and responded to on July 15th.

Q: If my booking is changed during the de-densifying process will I be able to select any preferences regarding my new booking? (ex:single or shared?)

A: Students may elect to voluntarily relocate to specific rooms in the expanded housing rooms being leased by RISD.  If more students request to move than space allows, housing selection timeslot times will be used to determine who moves.  Students in rooms that need to be relocated or de-densified will be assigned as space allows, but due to the number of students being relocated, students will likely not be able to choose specific rooms.

Q: If I am placed into a shared space what does the roommate selection process entail?

A: Returning students remaining in a shared space will typically do so with roommates they chose during housing selection.  First year or transfer students assigned to shared rooms will be paired based on their housing preference form.

Q:  What will the housing placement process entail for graduate/transfer students?

A:  Transfer students will be assigned to rooms as space allows after returning students are relocated.  Graduate students will only receive on-campus housing if sufficient space allows.  Graduate students can explore off-campus housing opportunities through information on this website and by contacting the Residence Life Office.

Q: Will students currently living in Summer Housing have to quarantine once moving into their Fall bookings?

A: No, students who have been living on campus will not require a 14 day quarantine, but will be expected to stay away from students who are in quarantine.  All students will start the first week of classes online regardless of when they clear quarantine.

Q: If a student is currently living on campus but has a roommate who is moving on campus will they be automatically required to quarantine for 14 days?

A: We expect that students in shared spaces will be quarantined separately.  More information will be forthcoming.

Q: How will students in shared rooms coming from different cities, states, countries quarating in a double?

A: We expect that students in shared spaces will be quarantined separately.  More information will be forthcoming.

Q: If students come to campus early does their quarantine duration begin the day they arrive on campus?

A:  Yes, students will begin their quarantine on their arrival date, and complete it 14 days later.

Q: When will students receive their updated Fall booking?

A: Students will receive their updated booking as soon as possible, but in some cases this will be very late in the summer as their room assignment is dependent on other students who do not return to RISD this fall.

Q: How will meal plans change?

A: Please contact RISD Dining for meal plan details.

Q: How are room rates being adjusted to the de-densifying plan?

A: Students will be billed for the room type the selected during housing selection, even if they are assigned to a higher priced room.  First year and transfer students will be assigned based on their housing preference and room assignment.  Students who request single rooms will be assigned to a single, or to a double alone, and will keep that assignment for the full year, regardless of whether RISD re-densifies rooms.  Students who prefer shared spaces may receive a single room initially, but may get a roommate later.

Q: When will I be billed for my room and board?

A: Room and board charges will be processed in July.

Q: How will Jones storage be organized for dropping off belongings?

A: Where possible storage items will be dropped off in advance of move-in.  In cases where students are without an assignment in time for Jones to drop off in advance, storage items will be delivered on or around move in.

Q: Will all students be able to purchase a micro fridge?

A: At this time we expect students will be able to do so.

Q: When will I be able to begin scheduling my move in date and time? 

A: Students will be able to schedule their move in appointments later in the Summer. Further information on scheduling your move in appointment will be emailed to your RISD email account.

Q: When can I begin moving into my residence hall?

A: Students may begin moving in on August 29, but must be moved in by September 3. Students residing on campus will register for a move in date and time and are asked to arrive within that time frame. Information will be emailed out to all students later this summer to sign up for their move in time slot.

Q: Will I still be able to have guests?
A: Students living in on campus housing may not have any guests in their living spaces, this includes other risd students whether on or off campus. Additionally, Non-RISD visitors are prohibited from entering RISD housing, including all deliveries of food or packages.

Q: What policy changes will there be in living in the residence hall based on public health guidelines?

A: Student Affairs, Residence Life, and the Student Conduct Office are still finalizing public health guidelines for living in the residence halls. Once this information is ready we will publicize it.

Q: Will I have to share a bathroom with other people?

A: Yes. Communities with communal bathrooms will have bathrooms assigned to specific students to ensure as few people as possible are using a specific space. Students living in suites or apartments will only share the bathroom within their room/apartment.

Q: What will the workroom use in residence halls look like?

A: Student Affairs, Residence Life, and the Student Conduct Office are still finalizing public health guidelines for living in the residence halls. Once this information is ready we will publicize it. Work rooms will be available to be used, however, public health guidelines may require there to be a limit to the number of students using the space at once.

Q: Will there be opportunities to engage and get to know people living in the community with me?

A: Residence Life, RAs, and AIRs will provide community engagement opportunities throughout the academic year. Many of these events may be virtual, but there will be a variety of opportunities throughout the year to get to know your neighbors, engage within the residence life community, and be connected to resources on campus. Additionally, your RA and AIR will still be a resource for you and provide any help you may need.

Q: Will COVID-19 and these changes impact resources available after hours?

A: No. RAs, Residence Life, and Public Safety will continue to serve in an on call emergency response rotation to respond to any emergencies or issues that arise after hours and connect students to necessary resources.

Q: If social distancing is in place during the academic year, how will I schedule meetings with Residence Life?A: Most meetings with Residence Life will be virtual and take place over Zoom. Residence Life will have a meeting scheduling portion of the Housing Portal available for you to schedule a time to chat about any questions, concerns, or issues with Residence Life. You may also email us at housing@risd.edu to request a meeting with someone.

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