Fall Semester Closing and Winter break housing FAQs

Required of all students:

All Residence Halls close at 12:00PM (noon) on Wednesday, December 16 for Winter Break. Students must confirm their move out date on the housing portal. If students need to extend their stay due to travel, they must request to stay late on the portal. There is a $35 per night charge for late stays on campus. Students are able to request to stay late for a daily rate until Sunday, December 20. 

Please use this form to register the date you plan on moving out or request a late stay.

This Fall move out form is due by 12:00PM on Monday, November 2.

Complete the Fall Move-Out Form by following this link.

For Wintersession Housing Requests:

Wintersession housing requests are due November 2nd.

As outlined on the COVID Site, https://covid.risd.edu/teaching-learning/calendar/, all courses during Wintersession will be offered online. Students unable to leave campus will be permitted to stay on campus in RISD Housing.

Students can request to stay on campus for the following reasons:

  • International: Students living outside of the United States who are unable to travel
  • Personal: Students who may have an extenuating circumstance at home or call RISD home (please add specific situation below)
  • Financial: Students unable to travel home due to financial constraints
  • Brown RISD Dual Degree Students
  • Academic Approval: Students who have been approved by the Provosts office to stay for Wintersession

Students who are approved to stay and not enrolled in any in-person or hybrid courses will not have access to ANY academic buildings during this time. Students will continue their online courses from their residence hall room.

Complete the Wintersession Request Form by following this link.

*Wintersession meal plan is an additional cost. For more information please follow this link.

Both forms are due by November 2nd before 12:00PM (noon) and can be completed on the housing portal. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Residence Life Office at (401) 454-6650 or housing@risd.edu

COVID + Residence Life Policies:

Any student approved to remain on campus throughout winter break is required to abide by all Residence Life and COVID policies, which can be found here. Students are responsible for knowing these policies and following them. Please note that absolutely no non-RISD guests may visit you in your room. If you have family or friends planning on visiting for the holidays, they must stay in a hotel off campus and may not enter any of the RISD Residence Halls. Any students found to not be following these policies will be recommended to go through the conduct system.


Q: Are there additional housing costs if approved to stay on campus during Wintersession?

A: Students staying on campus for the entire Wintersession are not responsible for any additional housing costs, however they must purchase an additional meal plan.

Q: How much is the daily cost for late stays after December 16th?

A: Any student staying late on campus between December 16th – December 20th have a daily fee of $35.

Q: If I go home during Wintersession will I receive any housing refund?

A: Wintersession housing is not charged to students.

Q: How much is the additional meal plan during Wintersession?

A: For information regarding meal plans during Wintersession please visit the Wintersession housing request form on the Housing Portal or you can follow this link.

Q: When do students need to be out of the Residence Halls?

A: All Residence Halls close at noon on December 16th, 2020. Students must be vacated by this time unless they have an approved late departure.

Q: Do I need to move out all of my belongings from my Residence Hall when leaving for Winter Break?

A: Students can leave their belongings in their rooms but should take any valuables with them when they leave campus for the break.

Q: When do Residence Halls open for Spring Semester?

A: Students will return to campus via move-in appointment February 12-15th, 2021. More information regarding returning to campus in the Spring will be provided to you during Wintersession.

Q: When do Residence Halls open for Wintersession?

A: Students approved to return for Wintersession will receive additional information from the housing office soon.

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