Incoming Graduate Student Housing

Living On-Campus

Graduate students are not required to live on campus at RISD, but there are housing options available should they desire to have the amenities and convenience of living on.


All incoming graduate students will receive an email sent to their RISD email address at the end of April about the housing application being available and instructions on how to complete it via the Housing Portal.

Meal Plans

Graduate students are not required to have a meal plan while living on campus, and are also able to select the lowest meal plan, “Connect 3-25,” made available to only Senior undergraduate students and Graduate students. More information on meal plans and living options can be found on our website under the Housing Contract page.

Summer Residency

Graduate students have the opportunity to live on campus in the summer leading up to their first fall semester should they desire. Pricing and other information can be found on our website on the Summer Housing page

Note: New, incoming graduate students in the Masters of Architecture (MArch) or Masters of Art & Teaching (MAT) programs who choose to reside on campus for the summer MUST reside on campus for the following academic year due to program requirements which necessitate students to be in class until the beginning of the fall term.

Living Off-Campus

Graduate students wishing to live off-campus for the duration of any or all of their program must complete the Off-Campus Registration form annually via the Housing Portal by logging in and clicking on “Off-Campus Applications.”

Meal Plans

Graduate students who reside off-campus during the academic year are eligible to purchase a meal plan to aid in dining while on campus for classes. More information regarding options and pricing can be found on our website under the Dining-Only Contract page.

Off-Campus Housing in Providence

While RISD does not have active listings for students searching for housing in the Providence and surrounding area, we do supply information and searching tips on our website on the Apartment Hunt page.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact the Residence Life Office at or by calling 401-454-6650.

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