15 West

Located downtown in the Financial District, 15 West is home to over 500 students every year. It provides students with various living style options and access to many different amenities.

Amenities Include:

  • Air Conditioning / heat year long
  • Elevator access to all floors
  • Laundry room and work rooms on all floors
  • Lounge in the lobby and certain floors
  • Bike storage on certain floors
  • Convenient access to Portfolio Cafe and Fleet Library on the first floor
  • Meditation room on the 2nd floor
  • Piano lounge on the 3rd floor (Coming soon!)
  • Small workout space/gym on the 4th floor
  • Billiards room on the 5th floor

Room types in 15 West include (Click on each to learn more):

  1. Alcove Suite Single
  2. Alcove Suite Shared (Double or Triple)
  3. Apartments (3 or 4 bedrooms) 
  4. Group Loft
  5. Shared Triple Loft 
  6. Shared Double Loft
  7. Studio Loft
  8. Two Bedroom Loft

15 West Floor Plans

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