Shared Alcove Suite (Double or Triple)

Part of the Suite Experience, each Alcove Suite Double or Triple is part of the collection by the same name. Students with a sophomore status or higher are allowed to select to live in this type of housing.

Take a look:

Click the circle in the middle of each item to begin interacting with the 360 view

15 West 317

Bedroom Amenities:

  • Extra-long twin beds for each student
  • Dressers for each student
  • Desks for each student
  • Desk chairs for each student
  • “Closet” space for students
  • Curtains on a ceiling track which can be utilized for extra privacy for each student

Shared Amenities:

  • Medium sized refrigerator
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Electric burner cooking system with ventilation system
  • Full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower/tub)

Meal Plan:

All Alcove Suites come with the Residential Meal Plan, however:

  • Students may choose the Foundation Meal Plan

Room Rates:

Click here: Room and Board Packages

*Please note: The pictures and 360o views above are examples of the room type. All rooms vary in shape and size, please look at the floor plan for each room for more accurate sizing

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