Group Loft

Part of the Independent and Cooperative Apartment Collections, Group Lofts consist of 2 rooms with separate entrances and an adjoining door. Each Group Loft houses 3 students: 2 in a shared room and 1 in a private room, called a mini loft. Both spaces have their own bathroom.

Please note that this space consists of two separate room bookings and that the door which connects them can be opened should all three residents agree to have it opened. Students electing to live in the mini loft are not guaranteed access to the full kitchen space within the shared double space.

Take a look:

Click the circle in the middle of each item to begin interacting with the 360 view

15 West 1035A (Shared Double)

15 West 1035B (Mini Loft)

Shared Double Amenities:

  • An extra -long twin bed for each student
  • Dressers for each student
  • Desks for each student
  • Desk chairs for each student
  • “Closet” spaces for students
  • Full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower/tub)
  • Full kitchen in the shared room (full oven/electric cooktop, full fridge, cabinet space for storage)
  • “Living room” area in the shared room with at least one couch, one love seat, end table/coffee table, and a larger table for eating

Mini Loft Amenities:

  • Extra Long Twin mattresses for each student
  • Dressers for each student
  • Desks for each student
  • Desk chairs for each student
  • “Closet” space
  • Full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower/tub)
  • Kitchenette (kitchen counter, cabinets, and a small fridge)

Meal Plan:

All Group Lofts come with the Flex 7-60 meal plan option, however:

  • Students may opt to upgrade to the Foundation or Residential plan for an additional fee
  • Sophomores and Juniors can elect to drop down to Flex 5-40
  • Seniors and Graduate Students can choose the Connect 3-25 plan or no meal plan at all

Room Rates:

Click here: Room and Board Packages

*Please note: The 360o views above are examples of the room type. All rooms vary in shape and size, please look at the floor plan for each room for more accurate sizing

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