First Year Area Shared Room (Double, Triple, or Quad)

Part of the Essential RISD Experience, First Year housing helps students connect with their peers and build a strong community for their time at RISD. Double, triple, or quadruple rooms in the First-year area “Quad” are the most common types of rooms for first-year students to live in.

Take a look:

Click the circle in the middle to begin interacting with the 360 view

East Hall 330

Amenities include:

  • Extra-long twin bed for each student
  • Dresser or closet space for each student
  • Desk for each student
  • Desk chair for each student

Meal Plan:

All First Year Student housing comes with the Foundation Meal Plan

Room Rates:

Click here: Room and Board Packages

*Please note: The pictures and 360o views above are examples of the room type. All rooms vary in shape and size, please look at the floor plan for each room for more accurate sizing.

19 Comments on “First Year Area Shared Room (Double, Triple, or Quad)

  1. Is there anywhere to see a picture of the Nickerson Hall basement rooms? do they get natural light? do they have big windows like the upper floors??


  2. What is the maximum height of space under the bed? And what are the dimensions of the desk?


    • Hi Jessica,

      The height can be adjusted to what you would like – unless you have a bunk bed (only in triple or quad rooms).

      The desk is traditional size.


    • Hi Liu,

      No. Nickerson does not have air conditioning. However, we only have it on for a couple of weeks during the academic year. So you shouldn’t miss it too much 🙂


    • Hello Aanya, all bathrooms in Homer are shared except for one bathroom in a gender inclusive suite which has a semi-private bathroom.



    • Hi Jessica. The cost for a double in South costs $6,860 for the 2019-2020 academic year, and includes the required mealplan. You can also see all of our room rates at


      • Hi Alex – Despite being labelled as a “basement” room, the room actually has ample windows and is about 10-15 feet off the ground (when looking out the window). This is because the residence hall is built into the side of a hill, so the “basement” feels much more like the 1st floor.


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