Hill Houses

Historical homes spread out across campus have been turned into Residence Halls. These houses create a unique and strong community for our students.  Part of the Essential Experience these rooms are either singles or shared (double or triple) and share community resources like study/work rooms, kitchen, social lounges, and communal or semi-private bathrooms.

The Houses Include:

Barstow, Congdon, Dexter, Dunnell, Larned, and Nightingale.

Amenities in all Hill Houses include:

  • Laundry facilities (at least one washer and drier)
  • Shared Full kitchen (oven/electric cooktop, fridge, and cabinet space for storage)
  • Shared bathrooms (toilet, sink, shower/tub)
  • “Common living room” with couches, chairs, end tables and a flat screen TV
  • Convenient walking distance to The Met

Room Types in Hill Houses Include (Click on each to learn more):

Hill Houses Floor Plans

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  1. is the bedroom furnished?? anyone here? hello??? 🙂 help! just a transfer : –) hehe


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