Move Out Instructions 2020

Move out and Housing Extension Form: Housing Portal

As you navigate through this unusual move-out, we wanted to notify you of a shift in our normal check-out expectations.  Our number one priority is helping you get home safely, and as such we are working to simplify the process as much as we can.  Please review these steps for preparing your room for leaving to understand how checking out of your room this year will look different than you might have experienced in the past:

Please follow these important steps for preparing your room to leave:

  1. Get Ready:  Start packing up all of your belongings early.  You never know when you might need an extra box and it’s better to have that done with plenty of time left.
  2. Jones Storage:  Note that NO storage companies except for Jones Moving and Storage will have access to your room after you leave.  If you use any other company you must deliver your boxes to them in person or if left behind they will likely be discarded.   If you have arranged storage with Jones Moving and Storage to store your items, and are unable to get your packages to them directly, you may leave those boxes in your bedroom as long as there is clear labeling on them. 
    • All boxes must be fully closed and taped shut.
    • Each box must have “Jones” or “Jones Moving & Storage” written on it in large, legible writing.
    • Each box must have  your name and campus address written on it in large, legible writing.
    • You should label each box with a number and the total number to be stored.  For example “Box 1 of 4”, “Box 2 of 4”, etc.
  3. RISD FLIPS:  RISD Flips will happen.  If you have clothing or supplies that you would like to donate to RISD FLIPS, we ask you to either bag those items up and label them for RISD FLIPS, or simply place them on your bed to be retrieved by RISD FLIPS after you have moved out.  RISD FLIPS will have some ORANGE bags for items you wish to donate.  Please don’t use these bags for trash.
  4. Trash:  Trash and any items that you no longer want or can donate should be bagged up and left in your room.  Trash bags will be left around your hall or house for your use.  Please do not use the orange RISD FLIPS bags.  Trash items too large to be bagged should be taken to a campus dumpster for disposal.  After you move out, facilities staff will come through and discard any remaining items left in your room.  Please do your best to make this task as easy for our custodial team as possible.
  5. Secure your room:  Please close and secure your window(s). Set your thermostat to between 66 and 70 degrees (if you have access to it).  Lock your room door behind you.
  6. Return Your Key:  If you have a metal key for your room door (Charles Landing, Colonial, 15West, etc.) you must return the key to your RA, Facilities, or Public Safety before you leave.  Lost keys in 15 West and Colonial cost $50.  Lost keys in Charles Landing cost $75.
  7. Let Us Know You’re Leaving:  Let your RA or Residence Life know when you leave either in person or via phone, text, or by dropping us a quick email.

Students who make a good faith effort to prepare their room for checkout will not be assessed cleaning charges.  Damages beyond wear and tear will be photographed, assessed, and billed accordingly.  Damage charges are shared by all room/space occupants unless students accept responsibility for a specific damage item.  You may do so by emailing with an explanation of what damages you are accepting responsibility for.  This is helpful in shared rooms where one student may have accidentally damaged a piece of furniture while working on a project, or in a common suite where one student may have damaged something and they don’t want all apartment residents to be billed. 

We wish you all safe travels and good health.  We will miss you and can’t wait to have you back on campus as soon as possible!

The Residence Life Team

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