PreCollege and Summer Studies Move-In day Tips and Directions

Check in date and time:  9:00AM on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

The City of Providence will be hosting a WaterFire on the 22nd. WaterFire events bring city wide street closures and heavy traffic. To avoid this please plan to arrive before noon if possible.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE:  Know your hall and room. This information was emailed to students.  Having the name of your hall on your windshield will help us navigate your arrival.

For 15 West:

A. Navigate to 15 Westminster Street, Providence RI.

B. From Route I-95 northbound or southbound take Exit 22A for Downtown Providence

– Go straight onto Memorial Boulevard and turn right onto Westminster Street.

– 15 West (Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company building) is on the corner of Westminster and Memorial.

For South, East, Homer and Nickerson Halls:

A. Navigate to 2 Waterman Street, Providence, RI (Plan to enter the RISD Campus past the First Baptist Church on Waterman Street.)

B. Once you get onto Waterman Street, follow the color coded signs for your particular hall.  Attached are the colors to follow.

  • Saturday is a Waterfire event in Providence, so be aware that some roads may be closed and detours may be in place.  Be sure to leave early to allow for any traffic related delays.

PC Hall Colors

Follow signs to the unloading area for your hall. When you reach the unloading zone, student staff will help unload your entire vehicle onto the sidewalk. Drivers must stay with their vehicles to be ready to quickly move the vehicle on to parking. You will receive a parking pass from staff for your car.

Keep in mind that:

  • To help identify your belongings, and to protect them from any inclement weather (fingers crossed), please make sure everything you pack is labeled with your name and room on it (masking tape works great). 
  • We suggest using boxes, crates, and storage bins when possible.  Picking up your closet full of hanging clothes and dumping it in your back seat is NOT good packing!
  • Wrapping things in garbage bags will help keep them dry if the weather isn’t cooperating with us!
  • A group of student workers will be on hand to help you load your things into your hall, so you don’t need to do it all alone!  That said, be sure to pack your things in a way that you are ok with someone else carrying them.

Once you have unloaded, you will be directed to follow signs to park your vehicle.

The RISD Rides shuttle service will be looping campus to assist families with getting to and from locations, including parking.

If you are parking in the MetroPark lots, you will need to remove your vehicle from the lot by 4:30PM.  At that time you are welcome to seek other local parking to stay on campus, but any vehicles left in the MetroPark lots may be towed as those lots could only be reserved until 4:30PM.

Packages: If you have had anything shipped to you we will have them in Homer Hall work room located on the 4th floor of Homer Hall, just off of the upper Quad. There will be numerous signs, staff, and students on hand to direct you to that or any other space.

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