RISD Edge Apartment FAQs

Last edited on July 14th, 2020*

Q: How will the Edge relate to the RISD residential community? 

A: The Edge will be overseen by the Community Coordinator who oversees Colonial, Dwight, and Charles Landing.

Q; How do students submit work orders?  

A: Through the Edge system – seeking clarification.

Q: Who completes the work orders? 

A: Edge maintenance

Q: Does the Edge provide wifi? 

A: Yes, wifi is provided by the Edge.

Q: How will I move into the Edge? 

A: Students will register their arrival time through the housing portal, and this information will be shared We schedule, Edge will handle the distribution of key fobs, etc.

Q: Does the Edge have keys? Where will I get my keys?

A: Yes, the Edge has keys and students will pick them up directly from the Edge when they move in. Lost keys or fobs will be replaced and charged by the Edge at $50 per lost key or fab

Q: Will Jones deliver to my room at the Edge?

A: We are working on a plan and will keep you posted as we find out more.   

Q: Are Emotional Support Animals allowed at the Edge?

A: Yes. ESA Animals are allowed as required by law.

Q: Will there be RISD staff overseeing The Edge?

A: Yes, there will be RAs living in the Edge with RISD students. We also have a professional staff Community Coordinator that students can go to for any housing questions and issues

Q: How will I report any facility or room issues (e.g. heating isn’t working; door is broken)?

A: Residents can submit work orders for room issues through the Edge and Edge facility management will address the issue. Students can also submit maintenance requests online at https://www.edgecollegehill.com/ 

Q: Will there be a room selection or will I be placed?

A: Residence Life will place students in their reassigned booking. Students will not have the ability to select their room.   Need complete list of rooms from Kevin before the build begins

Q: Will I be able to receive packages at The Edge?

A: Students living at The Edge will continue to have their RISD mailroom and should use their box number as their address. 

Q: Will RISD Rides go to the Edge? 

A: Yes it is within the radius.

Q: Living at the Edge, what policies do I have to follow?

A: Students living in the Edge will be held to RISD Residence Life policies, RISD Code of Conduct, and the Edge policies. Students will also be required to abide by RISD COVID policies.

Q: Is there parking for students?

A: There is not parking at the Edge. Students may utilize the student parking available at Charles Landing. Parking Permits can be purchased on the housing portal. 

Q: Will Public Safety respond to The Edge?

A: Yes, if there is an emergency and students need help they may call Public Safety.

Q: Living at the Edge, do I need to follow RISD policies around COVID?

A: Yes, RISD COVID policies apply to students living at the Edge. This includes, but is not limited to, wearing a mask, social distancing, and not hosting guests/visitors in the building.

Q: Do I have to pay for utilities (e.g. Internet, electricity, heat, water, etc.)?

A: No, all utilities will be paid by RISD. 

Q: I didn’t sign up for a room on campus this year, but am interested in living at the Edge.  Can I sign up for a room through RISD? What are the room rates?

A: Priority for Edge rooms is for on-campus residents, but if space allows we may be able to offer additional Please contact the Residence Life office to inquire about availability

Q: How will meal plans change?

A: Please contact RISD Dining for meal plan details. Isabelle Ferreira: Iferreir@risd.edu

Q: How are room rates being adjusted to the de-densifying plan?

A: Students will be billed for the room type that was  selected during housing selection, even if they are assigned to a higher priced room.  First year and transfer students will be assigned based on their housing preference and room assignment.  Students who request single rooms will be assigned to a single, or to a double alone, and will keep that assignment for the full year, regardless of whether RISD re-densifies rooms.  Students who prefer shared spaces may receive a single room initially, but may get a roommate later.

Q: When will I be billed for my room and board?

A: Room and board charges will be processed in July.

Q: How will Jones storage be organized for dropping off belongings?

A: Where possible storage items will be dropped off in advance of move-in.  In cases where students are without an assignment in time for Jones to drop off in advance, storage items will be delivered on or around move in

* If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the RISD Residence Life Office at Housing@risd.edu. These FAQs will continue to be updated*

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