RISD Quarantine FAQ’s

Quarantine Period Policy

Move In: August 29 – September 2

Quarantine: Arrival + 14 days (Meal delivery through September 16)

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) requires all individuals traveling to Rhode Island to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to the state, regardless of symptoms or contact. In an abundance of caution, RISD is requiring all individuals moving on campus, including Rhode Island residents, to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival at RISD.

Beginning of Quarantine

Quarantine begins the moment a student gets tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to campus.  All students moving on campus will be tested for COVID-19 at their check-in time into the residence halls. Thus, students will be required to begin quarantine after moving their belongings into their residence hall room.

Moving In

Residents will select a check-in date and time for August 29 – September 2. At your check-in time, you will 1) be tested for COVID-19, 2) receive keys and your ID (if applicable), and 3) receive your Welcome Kit of personal protective equipment and instructions (facial coverings, hand sanitizer, and thermometer). Following Rhode Island state guidance, once you enter the residence hall and complete your move in, your quarantine period begins. Students will be unable to go shopping or run errands after checking into their residence hall.

Requirements of Quarantine

Per CDC and RIDOH guidelines, during quarantine (14 days) students should:

  1. Remain in their room, and
  2. Limit all physical contact with people

Successful quarantine requires that community members observe the following guidelines for quarantine:

  • Residents Should:
    • Distance yourself from others
    • Monitor health for symptoms
    • Use the bathroom
    • Attend important doctor visits
    • Exercise outside, alone, for a brief period of time, not to exceed 2 hours
  • Residents May Not:
    • Congregate with or visit family or friends in person after move-in
    • Go to other campus buildings, including classrooms, the mailroom, the RISD store, RISD gym, other residence halls, or any Brown University facilities
    • Go shopping at local stores and restaurants
    • Order food or groceries to be delivered. The RISD mailroom will not accept food deliveries. No food may be delivered to the residence halls from outside vendors–only from RISD Dining . Students will not be able to meet deliveries at the door.
    • Go to the RISD mailroom to retrieve mail delivered during quarantine
    • Use laundry rooms, work rooms, or communal kitchens in the residence halls
  • Tips for Quarantine from RI Department of Health


Students with full meal plans living on campus will have their meals delivered to their room during quarantine. Meals will arrive twice per day for students on full meal plans (a continental breakfast will be delivered with dinner for the following morning). 

Students on flex plans may purchase meals for delivery using a meal credit.  Meals will be delivered in the same way as for students on full meal plans. 

Students with minimal or no meal plan should bring enough food for at least 14 days with them.


Campus resources will still remain available via phone during quarantine in the event students need help. Residents may connect virtually with their Resident Advisor, Advocate for Inclusion in Residence, or Orientation Leader at any time. Public Safety, Health Services, and Counseling and Psychological Services will also be available.

Community Engagement

Student Affairs, Residence Life, and Academics will provide a plethora of community activities, engagement opportunities, and virtual events during the quarantine for students to participate in. 

Students should check involved.risd.edu daily for all of the virtual quarantine events and activities. 

Preparations Prior to Arriving at RISD

Students will be unable to run errands or make purchases after checking into their residence hall room. Students will be tested for COVID-19 when they check into their residence hall, effectively beginning their quarantine. To ensure a successful quarantine period at RISD and allow for your comfort, all students moving on campus should bring all essential items for the first 14 days with them to move in. Students should plan in advance to ensure they are appropriately prepared for quarantine.

Things to do PRIOR to arriving on campus for testing and checking in to your residence hall:

  • Submit your photo to Card Services 
  • Purchase any personal items, groceries, snacks, beverages (enough for 14 days)
  • Purchase any supplies needed for the first 1-2 weeks of class

What to Bring

Please bring only the basic essentials for moving in. We want to highlight the following items as essentials you should bring with you upon moving onto campus. You should bring enough to last at least 14 days:

  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, bandaids, extra contacts, contact solution, deodorant, hand sanitizer
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Prescription medications + refills for more than 14 days
  • General medications (e.g. ibuprofen, tylenol, cough medicine)
  • Bedding: pillow, pillowcase, sheets, blanket/comforter
  • Bathroom Supplies: towels, washcloths, shower caddy, flip flops
    • Private Bathrooms (15 West, Charles Landing, Colonial, Dwight, Edge)
      • Bathrooms come with a shower curtain
      • Bring toilet paper, cleaning supplies, soap
    • Communal Bathrooms (Hill Houses, East, Nickerson, North, South)
      • Bathrooms come with shower curtains
      • Facilities provides toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap
  • Electronics and appropriate chargers (phone, laptop, etc.)
  • Common Room Items: Fans, cleaning supplies, desk lamp, power strip, kleenex, lightbulbs, flashlight, laundry detergent
  • 14 day isolation bag with essentials in the event you need to isolate during the year

Health Monitoring During Quarantine

Residents will receive a thermometer and should check their temperature twice a day. Students will be required to do a daily health check-in using the MyRISD app. If a student has a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other COVID symptoms, they should contact Health Services.

Abiding by Quarantine

It takes a community effort to effectively protect each other’s health. Quarantine is an essential component of safeguarding the RISD community.

Students are required to successfully complete 14 days of quarantine before they can attend in-person classes, start jobs, and utilize campus buildings. Students who break quarantine may be referred to the conduct board. They may also need to remain in quarantine longer, which may result in an inability to attend class. 

Completing Quarantine

After a student has successfully completed their 14 days of quarantine, they will be able to attend classes, utilize campus buildings, leave campus, go shopping, and work on campus jobs. Starting September 12, students completing quarantine will be able to pick up food from Portfolio and the Met.

Outside of quarantine, students should not interact with peers who are still in quarantine until they have completed it. All students will be required to wear facial coverings on campus, following physical distancing guidelines, and continue to monitor their health. Students who are ill during the academic year may need to quarantine again in isolation rooms on campus.

Travel Out of State

Given the risks to the residential community on campus, travel out of the state is very strongly discouraged. Such travel will likely result in testing and quarantine, making you unable to attend in-person classes, work in your studio, or access shared workspace for the duration of the quarantine.

Travel is very strongly discouraged over Thanksgiving and spring breaks and will also likely result in testing and quarantine.

May I do laundry during quarantine?

No, students may not use laundry facilities.

Is there an online queuing system to see if someone is using the laundry room before I bring my clothes down?

We ask that students do not do laundry during the quarantine period. During the academic year we will have rules about how many students are permitted in the laundry area at a time, and students will use www.laundryview.com.  They will  select Rhode Island School of Design, and find their residence hall. Most residence halls are available to be viewed on Laundry View.

May I use the work rooms during Quarantine?

Students may do work in their own rooms, but may not use any of the shared work spaces during quarantine.  Be sure to work in a manner that does not cause room damage.  We recommend the use of drop cloths or protective floor coverings (not provided) to avoid cleaning or damage costs later.  No aerosols or flammable materials may be used in your rooms.  Students living in the Edge are encouraged to review the damage charges associated with living in those apartments.

How will meals be delivered?

Students on full meal plans will have 2 meal deliveries per day.  Students will be able to select their meal choices through a form on the My RISD app in advance.  Lunches will arrive before noon, and Dinners and continental breakfasts for the next day will arrive by evening.  Meals will be left outside of your room door.  In addition, a case of water and snacks will be left in your room prior to your arrival.

Will someone knock on my door or will I be alerted via the app when my meal has been delivered?

Meals will be delivered at approximately the same time each day. Someone will knock on your door after they leave your meal. Please make sure you are in your room around the time of meal deliveries. 

My meal wasn’t delivered, or I have an issue with my meal, who can I call?

If your meal wasn’t delivered or you have any issues with your meal, you may contact Dining directly and they will work with you to resolve the issue. When you move in, Dining will provide the phone number to call for any issues.

If I am not on a full meal plan, can I get meal deliveries?

Students on flex plans may purchase meals for delivery using a meal credit.  Meals will be delivered in the same way as for students on full meal plans. Flex plan students will have the option to purchase a snack bag or case of water that will be put in the room prior to arrival. Students will use points on these items.  Students who do not wish to purchase meals should plan to have enough groceries on hand for the quarantine period.

Can I purchase a quarantine specific block of meals?

No, students who are not on a meal plan should plan to bring enough food to cook for themselves for the full quarantine period.

Can I order meals from local restaurants and have them delivered?

We ask that no deliveries take place during the quarantine period to protect the community and delivery drivers.

Can I order groceries and have them sent to campus?

No, the RISD mailroom is unable to store perishable food deliveries and therefore any deliveries received by the RISD Mailroom will be returned to the sender.

Can I go grocery shopping as soon as I arrive on campus? If not how am I supposed to get my groceries for the quarantine period?

Residents should go grocery shopping prior to arriving on campus. At check-in, residents will be tested for COVID-19, effectively beginning quarantine. At that time, residents may not run errands or go shopping. All first year students will be provided with a mini fridge and microwave in their room. 

How do meals work once I am done with quarantine?

Once a student completes quarantine, meals will no longer be delivered to them. Starting September 12, students with a meal plan who complete quarantine will be able to pick up food from Portfolio and the Met. 

If I want to change my meal plan prior to arriving on campus, how can I do so?

If a student wants to change their meal plan (based on original room choice) they will need to do so prior to August 6 using the meal plan add/change request form

Do I have to quarantine if I lived on campus during the summer?

Students who remained on campus during the summer will not have to quarantine with the rest of the students. However, they will need to be tested for COVID-19. More information will be shared soon. We ask that students who remained on campus during the summer be respectful of students in quarantine and not interact in person with students in quarantine.

Can I smoke outdoors during quarantine?

Yes. Students may not congregate with other students or individuals while smoking. Smokes must be at least 15 feet away from the building. The entire first year area is smoke free and no individuals may smoke within outdoor spaces of the first year area.

If I have a pet/ESA, can I take it out during quarantine?

Yes. Residents with ESAs or animals that require walks, may take them outside during quarantine. You may not congregate with other students or individuals. Students are also advised to avoid any public dog parks during quarantine.

Students should contact RISD Health Services if they are in need of a doctor visit or medication during quarantine.  Health Services can help coordinate access if needed.

Who are students directing quarantine questions to once they arrive?

Students can direct questions to their Resident Advisor, Advocate for Inclusion in Residence, or their Orientation Leaders (for new students).  All RISD offices will also be open and responding to calls/emails during the quarantine period if other questions arrive.

How do students receive supplies from the RISD Store during quarantine?

Students should plan to have their supplies in hand prior to quarantine.  Faculty are being 

encouraged to get supply lists to the RISD store to ensure students can have access to what they need upon arrival.

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